马千里 Marwin Ma
联合创始人&首席执行官    Founder&CEO

跨界创意人、视觉艺术家、辽宁大学等多所院校客座教授及硕士生导师。曾效力于WPP旗下的奥美、智威汤逊,Publicis、CheilChina等国际广告公司。从品牌到媒体到活动再到互动,360度全方位广告推广和创意经验的累积,并且在影像、音乐、产品、装置等多项领域均有探索和涉猎,以跨界和实战著称。作品屡次在Clio、ADC、龙玺、金投赏、EFFIE AWARDS等国内外主流行业奖项里获得殊荣。

Being the crossover creative artist, visual artist, visiting professor and master tutor of Liaoning University and many other colleges, he once worked for international advertising companies affiliating to WPP, such as Ogilvy & Mather, JWT, Publicis, CheilChina and so on. Being engaged in brand, media, then to activities an interactions, he has accumulated much experience in 360 ° comprehensive advertising promotion and creations, he also explores and dabbles in videos, music, products, equipment and so on and is famous for his crossover and practical acts. His works have won many awards in many domestic and overseas mainstream industry prizes for many times, such as Clio, ADC, LONGXI, ROI Festival, EFFIE AWARDS etc.

袁仲 Zhong Yuan
联合创始人&首席创意官     Founder&CCO


He has been engaged in traditional and digital marketing for more than 20 years and is a CopyBase creative artist that skilled in strategic thoughts. He took up his advertising career from Beijing Zhidahang in 1997 and then worked for many world famous 4A advertising companies including DDB Worldwide, D'Arcy, JWT, GREY, gilvy& Mather, FCB and so on. He is highly recognized by the industry for his brand strategic remodeling and fine costumer business result, and has won 2 international gold prizes and silver prizes respectively, namely, CANNES Silver Lion Prize, Clio Silver Prize, ADFEST Grand Prize and TIMES-PACIFIC AD AWARDS.

亚昊 Yahao
联合创始人&首席交互官    Founder&CIO

拥有多元国际品牌推广经验的杰出创意人,如雀巢、德意志铁路、美国运通等全球化战略。在德国奥美期间打通视频、音频、线下体验等全方位新媒体互动平台,追踪激活用户体验。多次拿过CANNES金、银狮,One Show银铅笔,伦敦广告节铜奖等重磅奖项。曾跨界德国包豪斯设计学院从师Prof. Alejandro Lecuna(奔驰Smart品牌大师),工业代表作有EVE城市滑板车、全球量产雀巢胶囊咖啡机等。

He is an outstanding creative artist with multiple international brand promotion experience, and owns the globalization strategies such as Henri Nestle, Reichseisenbahnen in Elsaß-Lothringen, American Express and so on. While working in Germany Ogilvy &Mathe, he got through comprehensive new media interaction platforms such as videos, audios, offline experience and so on, tracked after and activated the users’ experience. He has won many great awards for many times, including CANNES Gold Lion Prize, One Show Silver Pencil Prize, London International AD Awards and so on. He once studied with Prof. Alejandro Lecuna (Mercedes-Benz Smart brand master) of German Bauhaus in crossover, and his industrial representative works are EVE Scrooser, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Stelia and so on.